Vendor and Guest Map

Here you can find where your favorite guest and vendors will be located.

Important – Latest updates: Straight from the Expo center and the city of KC. Mask are only by your choice, if you are concerned and worried about such wear one, if you are vaccinated and feel you don’t then don’t. If you approach a guest and they have a plexiglass in front of them, they probably are concerned or not vaccinated. Again please respect their concerns and work with them as they feel comfortable especially if you are not wearing a mask. Again we are only concerned about keeping everyone safe and happy, but hope this makes any of you feel better about the situation. We stay in direct contact with the venue and the city. They are saying it is OK at this point and again if you feel you need the protection, then wear one. Thank you everyone for your understanding and support.

See you all there.

PS – the expo center has the right to change the rules of mask if the city should change them as well.

Booth No. Booth Name
2Ross Marquand
3Ross Marquand
4Jason Douglas
5Ve Neil
6Zack Galligan
7Danielle Bisutti 
8Bonnie Arrons
9Vinnie Appice
10Drew Fortnier
11Dana  Delorenzo
12Paparzzi Jewelry
13ISKCON Krishnafest Inc
100Independent Tattoo
101Independent Tattoo
102Inner Self Aura Photography & 3D Imaging
104Inner Self Aura Photography & 3D Imaging
105KC Brick Lab
106Zombie on Canvas
107Jamie Coker Creations
108Brocksmith Designs/Toxic Haunt
109Supernova Art Studio
110Messed Up Puzzles
111Michael Schultz Creative
113Andrea Robson
200The Armorer of Lyle Miller
201Dead Lantern Pictures
202Vinegar Syndrome LLC
203Red Death Studios
204Rotten Rentals
205The Stairs Movie
206Ran Groce
207End Zone Collectibles
300Go Blue Printing & Design
301Crude Comics & Entertainment
302Mark Rice
304Bombshell Bath & Beauty
3051313 Mockingbird Lane
306Author Dennis Young
307Ziggy’s West
309Angel Edenburn
310Tatting by Liz 
311Haunted Nozzel
312Moose’s Marvelous Woodburnings
313Andrew Schwartz
400Nick Jizba
402Vintage Posters
404Vintage Posters
406Vintage Posters
407Skeleton Rose Media
500US Toy Costume & Magic Co.
502Jackie Butler Make & FX
503Weems and Associates
504Paul Polychronis
505Gunslinger Soap For Men
506Facepaint by Aunt Nancy
507Count Kaufman Collectibles
508Death’s Head Press LLC
509The Clever Bat
510Apex comics
511Charles Couture
601Play It By Fear
602Strangeville Studios
603VonCreepy Creations
604Wesley Southard & Wile E. Young
605Zoi Global
6066K Press
608Pallbeaer Press
609Cobbs Cabinet of Curiosities
610Charles Couture
611Smelly Sam Independent Scentsy Consultant
612Albert Perales Art
613Cosmic Collectables LLC
614Sinful Sideshow
700Trick or Treat Studios
701Hey This Guy Does Art
702Laughing Frog Gallery
703KC Horror Club
704Toys From The Crypt
705Midliand Empire Ghostbusters Car
706Matthew Bauer
707Midliand Empire Ghostbusters
708VIP Luxary Chic
709Fast Custom Shirts
710Jeanetta Bagsby
711Honey Suckle Creations
713Open Dead Inside
800Fangtastic Fitness
801Author  Reed Alexzander
802Crytal Lee Miller
803Oddball Art Studio
804Geisler Mansion
805Kim’s Chaotic Creations
806Silver Jinn Studios
807Phantasy Realms Art
900Camp Crystal Cabin 6
901The Spark Sisters
902Ken Sagoes
903501st KC Division
904Ken Sagoes
905R2 Builders of KC
906Vincente DiSanti
907Doomsday Kingdom army
908Haunted Hollow Omaha
909CJ Graham
910Director Patrick Rea
911Walter Phalen
912Cosplay Sabrina Von T
913Arcrylic Terrors
1000Michael Beihn
1001Mark rolston
1002Jennifer Blanc-Beihn
1003Comic Book Artist Alé Garza
1004Myths, Monsters & Magic
1005Phil Fondacaro
1006Terry Kiser
1007Dee Wallace
1100Atomic Cotton/12 Gauge Gore
1101Dakota Livingston
1102Kristina Klebe
1103Fri-The Rumors/Sat-Switch Blade Saturday
1104Tyler Mane
1105Fri-Into The Shadows/Sat-The Devil and the Southern Worship
1106Scout Tayler Compton
1107TR Morris Crafts
1108Billy Zane
1109Lisa Zane
1110Lisa Wilcox
1111Leaf Filter
1113Castle Jones Vintage